Mara Global Foods is one of Australia’s leading food ingredient suppliers specialising in non-allergen, soy based, gluten free ingredients.  We also produce protein meals for various industries and service based processes for the grain industry.

Welcome to Mara Global Foods

We are a dynamic, family owned food business with world leading quality processes. Our diverse range of products and processes include soy based, allergen free, gluten free ingredients and protein meals. We offer these products in certified organic and approved supplier conventional form where possible.

The industries we manufacture innovative ingredients for include the baking, beverage, cereal, meat, snack food, tofu and soy based, wholegrain, pet food and stock feed industries.

Delivering superior quality and value to our customers is our focus and we work closely with Australian growers to help their businesses remain sustainable. We look forward to discussing how we can partner with you and deliver top quality service and long term reliability.

Allergen free

Allergen Free

We manufacture and process non-allergen and allergen free, organic and conventional ingredients.

Soy Based

Soy Based

We deliver consistent quality and superior value when it comes to processing soy based products.

Gluten free

Gluten Free

We manufacture and process non-allergen, gluten free, organic and conventional ingredients.



We manufacture and process high quality organically certified food and feed ingredients.

Protein meals

Protein Meals

We specialise in the production of Protein Meals for the livestock production market.



We deliver value for money when it comes to processing grains, legumes and pulses.